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Original Document Requests


Traveling out to where original documents are kept can sometimes be both timely and costly. If you are interested in copies of original documents our team can help you. Simply contact Teapot Genealogy to request the specific original document you are interested in and they will do all the hard work for you.


Retrieval and copying of the following State Records documents can be requested:


  • Probate Records ($30)

  • Bankruptcy Records 1888-1928 ($20)

  • Convict Records ($20)

  • Insolvency Records ($20)

  • Colonial Secretary's Papers and Letters Relating to Land ($15)

  • 1841 Census ($15)


Copies of any of the original documents that relate to any of the Teapot Genies' indexes are available for 

$3 each except Court Records which are $5 up to 10 pages, price on request for more than 10 pages.

These include:


  • Leases of Auriferous Land

  • Miscellaneous Records Relating to the Goldfields

  • Discharge of Seamen

  • Index to Police Returns NSW

  • Registers of Prison Staff

  • Commissions of Peace

  • Itineraries of Commissioners of Crown Lands

  • Reports of Iron'd Gangs

  • Index to Convict Road Gangs

  • Gold Receipts

  • Railways and Tramways Ambulance Corps Members


If you have any queries at all about our site, our resources, postage, original documents and our research services please email us at

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