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How to do a Database Name Search  


Step 1. 

Place into the Search box the Key Name (Surname) you are searching for.

Step 2. 

Press the Search button (this is free of charge).

Step 3. 

The result will indicate the number of records found.

Step 4. 

Before going to Paypal, if you feel the number of Records Found is too many (in some cases it can be in the hundreds such as Smith or Stewart) try again by using the Christian name after the Surname (be sure to use the Christian name after the Surname) and this will reduce the number Records Found.

Step 5. 

You may use the Search Box as many times as you like before going to Paypal.

Step 6. 

Decide if you would like to view the list of Records Found. If you decide not to proceed there is no charge.

Step 7. 

Pay $5.00 AUD via PayPal.

Step 8. 

Your screen will now list the references that allow you to find the original documents at State Records NSW. 

Step 9. 

You will need to visit State Records NSW personally to view your chosen Original Documents. 

Step 10.

If you are unable to visit State Records, Kaye and Billie are available to retrieve your Original Documents for a small charge. Please contact Kaye if you need this assistance.

Sample Record

To view a sample search, click here.

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