Children in Homes, Reformatories and Reformatories
The Forgotten: Children in Homes, Reformatories and Industrial Schools (book or CD) index to various institutions relating to girls up to the age of 18 and young boys up to the age of 7.

These children were either unable to look after themselves, were leading a troubled life or, through no fault of their own, were placed in to care.

The records included in the CD/Book include:

Roll of Inmates Shaftsbury Reformatory, South Head
Admission, Discharge and after career register 1887-1925
Register Committals Industrial School for Girls Parramatta
Register of Apprenticeships
Registers Committals Newcastle Public Industrial School for girls 1867-1871
Biloela Training School for Girls 1871-1887
Girls Training Home Parramatta 1912-1925

Indexed is the child's name, their age, the date of their committal or conviction, the date of discharge, and brief remarks about the child.

Children in Homes, Reformatories and Reformatories

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