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Doctors, Rat Catchers and Quarantine

Doctors, Rat Catchers and Quarantine in Between (book $35) indexes records from Index to the Board of Health Salary Registers 1895-1913 [3/5620] [3/5621] and part [3/5622].

This index is a list of names retrieved from the original records at State Records NSW.

At this time in history, the Board of Health employed an amazing array of occupations including mattress makers, rat catchers (during the Bubonic plague), fumigators, lazarets, members of the clergy, bacon house inspectors, medical officers, ambulance drivers and dozens of nurses.

The Board of Health Salaries Index contains a huge number of different and unusual names and a wide variety of employment positions. These registers record monthly payments made to Board Members and staff. Locations include the Quarantine Station at Manly, the Coast Hospital, David Berry Hospital, as well as many country locations and gaols.

Photo is of Rat Catchers at Quarantine Station courtesy of State Records NSW.

Doctors, Rat Catchers and Quarantine

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