Itineraries and Returns of Commissioners of Crown Lands 1837-1849 (NSW) combines records from both the Itineraries and Returns of the Commissioners of Crown Lands 1837-1849 [X811-18] (Reels 2748-2749) and the Itineraries of Commissioner Foster Fyans Jan 1844 - Jun 1846 and Returns of Population and livestock Jan 1844 - Jan 1846 [X690-91] microfilm copy SR Reel 2756) 2 vols.

Itineraries and Returns of Commissioners of Crown

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  • in that they describe the properties visited regularly by the Commissioners as well as other activity occurring in the district such as murder, bushrangers etc.
    The Commissioners rode thousands of miles during monthly inspections.
    The original records include
    •      names of station,
    •      owner and superintendent;
    •      extent and area of run;
    •      how watered;
    •      number of free and bonded persons on run;
    •      number of horses, cows and sheep ;
    •      amount of assessment.
    There are also many interesting stories of events in the area.
    These indexes cover Port Phillip and Brisbane which were still part of NSW at this time.

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