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Manly and Narellan Orphanages
Manly and Narellan Orphanages (book or CD) indexes the Admission Registers for the Manly Industrial School Orphanage (1881-1910) and Mater Dei Narellan Boys & Girls Orphanages (1910-1925).
The Sisters of the Good Samaritan established the Manly Industrial School and the Mater Dei Orphanages for Boys and Girls. The Manly Industrial School accommodated girls to around the age of 18 and boys to the age of 10 from 1881-1910.
After the closure of the Manly Industrial School in 1910, the children were mainly transferred to the Mater Dei Orphanages for Boys and Girls, in Narellan and the Balmain Industrial School.

Although these institutions were called orphanages, many of the children were not actually orphans at all. These children were either unable to look after themselves, were leading a troubled life or, through no fault of their own, were placed in to care.

Manly and Narellan Orphanages

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