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Returns of Police NSW
Returns of Police NSW is compiled by Kaye Vernon and Billie Jacobsen in conjunction with State Records NSW.

This compilation of records lists the Police or staff member's name, the year they were appointed, and the district they were appointed to.

This valuable information is transcribed from the following original records from State Records NSW:

Sydney and country districts, 1825-56 [4/7419.1-2] [4/1103.2] [4/7385-4/7408]
Registers of police, Sydney and country districts 1830-31 [4/1103]
Registers of Sydney police establishment, 1838-1851, 1853-56 [7/92] [7/94]

Special Bundles

Returns of mounted police 1837-1850 [4/7420], [4/7205]
Returns of water police, 1841-44, 1847-56 [4/7425]
Returns of border police - returns and covering letters, 1843-46 [4/1139.1]
Returns of border police 1845-46 [4/7321]
Returns of police, Sydney 1852-56 [4/7421]

Returns of Police NSW

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