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Database Name Search  

Teapot Genealogy has over 500,000 records sourced from multiple official archival documents (as listed below), many of which are unique.

You can search our database for just $5 per name (AUD includes GST). Payment is secured via PayPal. If there are no results for your name search you do not get charged. 

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For custom research or general enquires please contact us.

The original documents that form the basis of this database are as follows:

  • Convict Settlement on Norfolk Island;

  • The Forgotten; Children in Homes, Orphanages and Reformatories

  • Railways and Tramways Ambulance Corp 1886-1923;

  • Gold Receipts 1852-55 and Gold Delivered 1852-1856;

  • Iron'd Gangs, Scone Lockup Book and Prisoners employed and of Government Stock;

  • Convict Road Gangs, Road Parties and Iron'd Gangs 1827-1830;

  • Returns of Police NSW;

  • Commissions of Peace (Justices of the Peace);

  • Registers of prison staff, 1860-1923;

  • Index to Itineraries and Returns of the Commissioners of Crown Lands 1837-1849;

  • Registers of seamen who were discharged 1859-1916;

  • Leases of Auriferous Lands in NSW 1874-1953;

  • Index to miscellaneous records relating to the NSW gold fields in the 1800's.

  • Windsor Gaol Records 1831, 1838 & 1864-1899 ;

  • Bathurst Gaol Records 1831-1835 and 1841-1845;

  • Darlinghurst Gaol Records 1850-1854;

  • Goulburn Gaol Entrance Book 1847-1867; and 

  • Berrima Gaol Entrance Book 1840-1842 and Description Book 1842-1847.

  • Court Records – Depositions from Supreme Court 1837

  • Court Records – Depositions from Supreme Court 1838

  • Court Records – Depositions from Supreme Court 1839

  • Prospecting Grants - Department of Mines 1888 - 1932 

  • Miscellaneous Mining and Land records

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